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...I won't be touching Pokemon games anymore...

I can't take it anymore! I've been through too many save files that are lost, but this time it takes the cake. I just can't take it anymore.

My life has been revolving around Pokemon for a very long time. It's... not easy to do this though... Pokemon has inspired me to do a lot of things. I've known Pokemon since I was still 5. It is my first fandom ever. I even tried to learn how to draw because of it. It also inspired me to write. It also earned me a lot of friends here in the internet... It's also the reason why I spend too much time in front oh my laptop (haha).

But now... I just can't do it. My Gen V save files are corrupted. Just like my old Japanese White... I transferred my prized Pokemon to them... and now, I lost everything near and dear to me.

But don't worry... someday, I'll be back to the Pokemon fanbase. It's just that it'll take me some time to recover from this loss before I return.

I've decided to move accounts. This account won't be deactivated though. Feel free to watch me, but I'll probably won't upload anything Pokemon-related for a very long time.

I'll use this opportunity to write down the settings I want for a future original story I'm planning, since I probably won't be thinking about more PMD stories (okay, I'll be honest, there's more PMD stories in my mind than just Team Solight). I'll make a new journal as soon as I create my new account.

~Mystic... I'll use this name for the last time... as it came from my most precious partner: Mystica...

EDIT: Moved to Illusione-Tempus. Will take some time to settle in.


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